World‐class Professional Services and Globally Experienced Workforce

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Hong Kong's professional services are recognised globally for upholding and possessing professionalism, ethics, competence, and international vision. The strong professional services industry is supported by a highly educated and skilled workforce that is adaptable, industrious and multi‐lingual, making them the ideal providers of services to large and cross‐boundary projects and commercial disputes, among others.

From banking, fund management and accounting assistance, to legal advice, tax consultancy and more, family offices in Hong Kong can enjoy a full range of services to support their growth and investment.

Highlight of Hong Kong’s supply of professional services and talent -

  • 42,000+ practitioners in the asset and wealth management business
  • 45,000+ certified public accountants in Hong Kong
  • 13,000+ practicing solicitors and barristers (including registered foreign lawyers from 33 jurisdictions)
  • Over 90 registered foreign law firms 

Client Testimonial

It is great to start a business in Hong Kong as it consists of a highly trained, well-educated skilled workforce. Hong Kong people are tech savvy and receptive of new ideas.

Brian Lo
General Manager, Deliveroo