Robust Legal System

Robust Legal System

Hong Kong’s commitment to the rule of law and judicial independence is key to the city’s prosperity and stability as an international financial centre. The common law system continues to be practised as constitutionally guaranteed, making the city the only common law jurisdiction within China. 

The city’s judiciary is renowned for its quality and independence. The Basic Law promises that the HKSAR government will continue to give effect to the rule of law underpinned by an independent judiciary. Hong Kong's commercial and property laws are trusted, robust, and aligned to global standards. This ensures that investors involved in international commercial transactions and disputes will find Hong Kong’s laws familiar and easy to navigate.

Our strengths:

  • Respect for the rule of law
  • Independent judiciary
  • Common law system
  • Court of Final Appeal vested with power of final adjudication
  • Trusted regulatory regime aligned with international standards
  • Clean, efficient and stable government
  • High degree of transparency
  • Deep and broad pool of local and international legal talent
  • Effective dispute resolution environment for arbitration and mediation
  • Strong protection of intellectual property rights

Client Testimonial

Hong Kong’s jurisdiction is recognised as the Rolls Royce of dispute resolution in Asia.

Peter Yuen
Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution, Fangda Partners, Hong Kong